Etchmiadzin Cathedral, the heart of Armenian Apostolic Church, is the first church which was built by Armenian patron, Saint Gregory the Illuminator in 301-303 in Armenian when Christianity was adopted as the state’s religion in the world. The current building, the core of Etchmiadzin today, was believed to be built in 483 after the original one was destructively damaged by an invasion of Persia.

Etchmiadzin Cathedral Armenia 1


Since then, some renovations were made, incorporating mainly Armenian essence with different features from various times and cultures. It is now in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage as the one of the world churches in the world. Of course, it is the oldest Christian temple in Armenia.

Etchmiadzin Cathedral Armenia 2

The outstanding and prominent tower with three-tiered can be easily found at the entrance of the church when you visit there and you can feel the solemnity. Inside the church is modestly structured with the shedding light from the frescoes, which looks like the divide light striking the ground.


There is the treasury if you go out through a door on the right of the altar. A variety of treasure can be seen inside the treasury which you can enter by busing tickets in the souvenir shop. Included in the treasury is for example, (Surp Geghard; one of the holy lances to be believed as the weapon used by a Roman soldier to pier the Christ, which have been controversial in the world!). Gehard Monastery had originally housed the Holy Lance before Etchmiadzin decided to store it. Holy Lance is very famous in the world and it is worth seeing it with your eyes at least once.

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