Mamik and Babik (We and Our Mountains) is a monument existing in Stepanakert in Nagorno Karabakh de-facto state. It is now widely considered as a symbol that represents Armenians in Karabakh, or Armenian people of mountainous Karabakh. The sculptor will probably be one of the places that you would visit at least once if you have a chance to visit Nagorno Karabakh. Locating in a hill in north of Stepanakert, behind the monument are spread the beautiful mountainous surroundings which will be unforgettable in your memory.

Mamik and Babik 2


It is also well known as a work by Sargis Baghdasaryan, who was one of the most talented sculptors in then Armenian community. In fact, the history of the monument has not been as long as other ancient architectures which can be found in Armenia such as Tatev monastery and Karafunge. Rather, it is a very recently created object as it goes back to only 1967 when Sargis Baghdasaryan completed this work.

Mamik and Babik 3

Yet, this unique and symbolic monument has become an important icon for Nagorno Karabakh and the image has been frequently used whenever related to Nagorno Karabakh. Since it is close to the center of Stepanakert anyway, it is highly recommended for you to visit Mamik and Babik if you go to Karabakh.

Mamik and Babik 4