Shushi (Shusha) is a town in Shushi province of Nagorno Karabakh, situated at an altitude of 14-1800 meters where mountainous areas are found. This mountainous feature of its area actually makes this town very famous as a recreational resort attracting tourists from outside Karabakh. The beautiful town is also close to Stepanakert, the capital city of Karabakh (approximately 9km south from Stepanakert).

Shushi 1

Due to its rich history and culture, Shushi may be one of the most attractive places to visit within Karabakh or even by taking Armenia into account. The history shows that both Azeri and Armenian used to peacefully live in this city and it used to be well known as one of the largest towns in the Caucasus region, which in return brewed very rich culture and art there. (However, unfortunately, the city was severely damaged by the war and a lot of cultural and art products were destroyed simultaneously). At the same time, currently, a lot of effort have been put into action in order to revive this city by initiative of Shushi Revival Fund and other people or groups outside.

Shushi 2

In the town can be found a prominent cathedral called Amenaprkich Ghazanchetsots Cathedral standing solemnly, which can be observed even in distance. In addition, another church called Kanach Zham also stands out in the town. These cathedral and church plays an important role representing a symbol of Armenian community. It is very attractive to view these architectures with deeply green mountainous surroundings. It is almost surely guaranteed that you will never forget the scenery once you have viewed it especially in spring, summer and autumn seasons.

Amenaprkich Ghazanchetsots Cathedral

The many architectures in this town are also deserve visiting and distinctive to some extent compared to other architectures observed in Armenia. Many existing buildings are built of white stone which was actually very common in old times of Karabakh, in other word, in very traditional style in this region. Especially if you directly come to Shushi right after your stay in Yerevan, you will immediately figure out the difference and most likely the traditional styles will be more attractive to you than the Soviet style buildings.

Shushi 3

In Shushi, there are some nice restaurants where you can taste local dishes. For accommodation, there are some options too and probably the best selected option by many people is the Shoushi Hotel. This town is splendid, gorgeous and impressive especially if you overlooks the entire city from on one side of the mountain Shushi lying on. It is highly recommended to visit if you go to Nagorno Karabakh.