Lori Berd (Lori Fortress)

Lori Berd (fortress) is in the Lori Province of Armenia, on the north bacnk of the Dzoragets Rive with approxi […]

Dilijan Historic Center

The Dilijan Historic center is a street made of cobbles, next to Myasnikyan Poghots. There are shops, a hotel, […]

Mikoyan Brothers Museum

This small museum called Mikoyan Museum is a place to commemorate the Mikoyan brothers; Anastas and Artyom. Th […]

Stepanavan Dendropark (Sojut)

Dendropark (or called Sojut) is located in Stepanavan, Lori province (approximately 85km away from Yerevan) of […]

Museum of National Architecture and Urban Life of Gyumri

The Museum of National Architecture and Urban Life of Gyumri, founded in 1984, has exhibits that show the hist […]

Ijevan Wine Factory

Ijevan Wine Factory is one of the leading winemaking enterprises in Armenia. The factory is located in the cit […]

Museum of the Aslamazyan Sisters

The Museum of the Aslamazyan Seisters is a house museum in Gyumri having the exhibitions of Armenian tradition […]


In 1188, Goshavank was built next to Getik Monastery which was destroyed as a result of an earthquake. It is b […]


Haghartsin, which is a monastery built in 13th century nearby the town of Dilijan, Tavush Province of Armenia, […]

Akhtala Monastery & Akhtala

Akhtala Monastery, a 10th-century Armenian monastery of Apostolic Church, is located in the town of Akhtala in […]


Sanahin is a remote village which is located in the northern part of Armenia. The province where Sanahin is lo […]