Akhtala Monastery 1

Akhtala Monastery, a 10th-century Armenian monastery of Apostolic Church, is located in the town of Akhtala in the province of Lori. The place is somehow not often visited by tourists to Armenia and ignored somewhat while the monastery is such a impressive one that will be unforgettable. Akhtala, the village where you can find the monastery, is a town in the province, which is on the left back of Debed River and on the slopes of Lalvar mountain. The location shows it is a part of the northern Armenia. Actually, it takes approximately 185 km from Yerevan.

akhtala monastery 3

Due to the sea level of 740 meters, the climate is subtropical that entails cool and dry summer so that it would in fact be one of the best places to be away from hot Yerevan in summer to chill out. Plus, the climate shows also mild winter there so that you can also visit this place during the winter time to relax. In addition, the climate has created the beautiful and rich forests in the area, which deserves more attention indeed.

Akhtala 4

On the other hand, the monastery is fortified and has been known as one of the very few orthodox monasteries in Armenia. Having played the role of fortress, it owned great importance while it was active; protecting the northwestern parts of Armenia as well as the road that connecting Georgia from Armenia. The monastery exhibits how monasteries in old times in Armenia looked like since it is one of the most well-preserved ones of all in Armenia. It may appear to be nothing distinctive from outside while you are approaching it; however, inside can be found the miraculous feature of murals that will impress you in the end.

akhtala monastery 2