In 1188, Goshavank was built next to Getik Monastery which was destroyed as a result of an earthquake. It is believed that there are a number of high skilled architects, carpenters and masons were involved in the construction, which represents that Goshavank is one of the historically valuable architecture of Armenia, which are still existing.


It is situated in the village of Goshin of the Tavush Province of Armenia. It does not play the role as religious complex anymore whilst due to the impressive appearance and presentation in a good condition, it has been attracting many tourists.

Goshavank 1

As an old religious complex, there are various churches on this site; St. Astvatsatsin Church (main church of the complex), St. Gregory Church found between 3 chapels, Grigor Lusavorich with unique feature of a small vaulted structure, and Gevorg Church which is a small doomed church. In addition, other monuments and structures are also should be worth mentioning; for example, chapels and bell tower & book depository which entails unusual composition. The bell tower was built over the book depository with auditorium built from gigantic and rough stones. Importantly, it needs to be mentioned that Goshavank houses one of the finest examples of khachkars (Cross-Stones), called, Poghos Kachkars. As the name indicates, the master Poghos, a carver, carved the kachkars, one of which has been placed in Armenian History Museum since 1935. The other one remains there. These khachkars have been taking a unique position in terms of art of khachkars.

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For people who want to visit the places, probably the rich exterior decoration is the most attractive part in the first glance. Not just being rich, it represents the transition period from one faced to the other so that the site is an excellent place which can satisfy your intellectual interest as well.

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Tavush, Armenia

(North Eastern side of Armenia)