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Haghartsin, which is a monastery built in 13th century nearby the town of Dilijan, Tavush Province of Armenia, is an excellent place to visit and worth special attention due to its unique and beautiful location. The monastery stands in a temperate rainforest where it is like a set of a fantasy movie. The breathtaking environment makes you feel like walking through the rainforests for sure. The feature of fantasy can be also felt in that even in the day time in summer, you would encounter the mist in the middle of the forest.

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The complex is made of St. Astvatsatsin church which is the largest building of the complex, St. Grigor church which is the oldest structure there, St. Stepanos church and other buildings. It is also worth mentioning that the monastery is one of the places for those interested in architecture. Almost 300 years were spent on completing the buildings that required many different generations of architects’ works adding new structures as well as exteriors / interiors to the buildings.

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Yet, what is the most worth remembering is the combination of the surrounding nature as well as the architectural beauty. In fact, since most of the visitors to Armenia tend to stay around Yerevan and the southern part of Armenia, they less often visit this place regardless of its ever-life-time beauty. On the other hand, it also implies that there are less people around the place so that you would enjoy the complex without noise or interruption from the other people around and fully feel the perfect beauty of artificial and natural productions.





Tavush Province, Armenia

*Located in the northern part of Armenia