Ijevan Wine factory

Ijevan Wine Factory is one of the leading winemaking enterprises in Armenia. The factory is located in the city called Ijevan located in the northern part of Tavush region. The place is considered as a part of an ancient state of Urartu. At that time, the locally produced wine in the region was praised by the then royal families and the wine was famous throughout then Armenia. Therefore, Ijevan has a long history as a place to produce wine. As a brand from Ijevan Wine Factory that is producing over 20 varieties of wines, “Old Ijevan” is recommended to try because it is taking a leading position in sales due to the high quality. In addition to Old Ijevan, other products are exported to overseas that includes, for example, CIS countries, Baltic States, France and USA.

Ijevan Wine

It is worth noting that Ijevan Wine factory is using locally produced harvests into their high-quality wines including sparkling. This place should be included on your list to visit. It provides you with free tours and tastings if you notice them in advance. You can also enjoy lunch there overlooking a nice river nearby. The factory stands almost 1.5 km away from the town center towards Dilijan.

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Open Hours

Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 17:00



9 Yerevanian St, Ijevan, Tavush Marz, Armenia