Lori Berd (fortress) is in the Lori Province of Armenia, on the north bacnk of the Dzoragets Rive with approximately 3 km away from Stepanavan. It is the site from the medieval time, located between the gorges of Dzoragets and Miskhana Rivers where you can find large round towers that gives you the feeling of being away from the reality and also massive stone blocks.

Lori berd Armenia

Actually, in the kingdonmeof Tashir-Dzoragets, it used be the capital of David Anhogin (949-1049) and it became the base of local power for Orbelians and Zakarians, who are powerful Armenian nobles. The fortress was fell under the Mongol invasion with a interesting story that the capture was accomplished because the defenders of the place got very distracted by alcohol.

Lori berd Armenia 2

From Stepanavan, it is approximately 4.5km away and you can walk to the site if you wish. The taxi would take you about 15 minutes with 1000 AMD. By walking along the way, it is enjoyable to view the scenery of the gorge.

Lori Berd on the way