Stepanavan DendroparkDendropark (or called Sojut) is located in Stepanavan, Lori province (approximately 85km away from Yerevan) of Armenia. It consists of natural forests and ornamental trees with the status of Special Protected Area. The park is 35 hectare wide and well-recognized area as a large beautiful botanical garden near Gyulagarak village. The foundation goes back to 1933 when Polish engineer forester, Edmon Leonovich established it.

Stepanavan Dendropark Sochut

During your excursion, the beautiful natural forest landscape which had been reshaped into the park can be enjoyed. The park may reflect on eyes of some people as a miraculous place of fairy tale. The interesting story related to Dendropark tells you that if you cross the small wooden bridge in the park for the first time, your wish can come true. Apart from the fairy tale, the park can be a good place to study unique characteristics of different plans in the Transcaucasus region. The cost of taxi should be around AMD 2500 for return.

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Stepanavan, Lori Province, Armenia