Areni Wine Factory 1Areni Wine Factory, situated in Areni village which is located approximately 120 km from Yerevan, was founded in 1994. Areni is well known for wine production because it is believed that wine product in the area started thousands of years ago already. The factory is very small actually as about 8 persons work here as regular basis and 10-12 people look after vineyards which consist of about 10 hectares producing around 250,000 bottles.

Areni Wine Factory 2

Areni wine has been exported to other countries mainly Russia. The high quality of its wine have been recognized well and gained interest more and more from overseas. Due to this trend, it is reported that Areni Wine Factory has been looking towards expanding the production volume and exporting to more other countries.

Areni Wine Factory 3

The Areni wine produced from the grape under the Armenian shiny sun will be a good thing to try to taste in order to understand why the wine production already started in the ancient time in Armenia.



Armenia, 3604, Vayots Dzor Marz, Areni village

(Yeghegnadzor region)


Working Hours

Monday – Sunday (except Saturday) : 10:00-19:00