Karahunge Sisiyan Syunik

Karahunge (Zorats Karer), the most ancient megalithic structure on Earth, used as an observatory in the ancient time in Armenia. It is considered 7500 years old even older than Stonehenge in England and Pyramids in Egypt (3500 years older and 3000 years older respectively). The observatory is 7 hectares wide, situated in Syunik and nearby Sisian.


Interestingly, there are 200 – 300 standing stones that occupy almost 3 hectares of the area and these stones have a 5-7 cm hole. It is considered that the place was used for worship in 3rd and 2nd BC. Around the observatory can be found only beautiful nature without any artificial structures or buildings. Yet, regardless of multiple investigation and scientific research, there are still some mysteries and no complete conclusion has been reached about Karahunge.


The place is amazing that the combination of the ancient structures and vast land of Armenia is producing such a dynamic impression and site. The place is worth visiting not only seeing one of the most ancient structures in the history of human being but also such a beautiful ruin on Earth.



  • Located in Syunik Province
  • 200 km from Yerevan