The Tatev Monastery is one of the monasteries in Armenia it is strongly recommendable for you to visit. It is amazing and splendid, letting you feel deep Armenia on its fairy-tale-like natural fortress. This is one of the best places in order to describe Armenia as a “country of fantasy”.

Tatev 7

The monastery was build on large basalt plateau in 9th-century; the main church, Surp Poghos-Petros (St. Paul and St. Peter) was build by the bishops of Syunik aiming to house important relics. Also, another church called Supr Grigor Church situates next to the main church. Tatev is located in Syunik Province in southern Armenia. Through the gorge around Tatev can the peaks of Karabakh viewed.

Tatev Monastery Church

At the end of a ridge, there is a gorgeous little shelter of a little cone-roofed stone and mineral springs and Statan’s Bridge at the bottom of the canyon.

Tatev 9

As an activity near the site, you can actually swim in two pools of natural spring so that it is advisable for you to bring a swimsuit if you visit there in the summer time. Uphill from the monastery, you can find a café and an information center – business hours: 9:00 ~ 21:00 – where information is provided in English. In this information center, find the information about hikes in the fair-tale-like site and B&Bs if you wish so. Tatev is sort of far from the capital city Yerevan (Almost half day to spend for round trip) so it is a good idea to spend over night in this place surrounded by the world-heritage-level splendid nature and human architecture.

Site around Tatev