University of Gladzor was an Armenian university in the medieval time. It was a university that offered programs similar to the concept of Liberal Arts nowadays. Also, it was one of the two universities considered as “great centers of learning” with the university of Tatev. The establishment dated back to 1280 and was operated until 1340.

University of Gladzor

The museum of Gladzor University was established in 1984 as the anniversary to celebrate 700th year after the university was established. The location is in the Surb Hakob (St. Jacob) located in Vernashen Village. In the museum, the monuments in the territory of the museum-reservation, and the preservation of cultural values related to the university activities are dealt with.

University of Gladzor Museum 2

You can find some tips to form an idea of the underlying circumstances of the university foundation as well as cultural factors left to date. You can actually get the key to enter the museum if it is closed from the family in the house in front of the museum. Access is possible by buses from the avtokayan to Vernashen at 10:00, 12:00, 14:30 and 17:30.

University of Gladzor Museum