The Blue Mosque is the only mosque in Yerevan that is visible for you site if you come close to the architecture. It was built in 1765 by then Persian governer Hussein Ali Khan as the purpose to use it for Friday sermons. It is made of turquoise which shines brightly under the sun light. Next to the mosque, there is Iran Communication & Information Center.

Blue Mosque Yerevan 1


Under the Soviet, it was stopped to provide the service for religious purposes; however, it started to operate as the mosque where people come to pray with the support from the government of Iran which is a good neighbor to Armenia.

Around a courtyard the main hall for pray, a library and madrasa (a type of educational institution) are organized. It is recommended for you to wear trousers and a shirt with long sleeve and avoid shorts and shirts with no-sleeve.

Blue Mosque Yerevan Inside