At the Erebuni Fortress which was built in 782 BC by a king of Urartu, Argishti the First, began excavations in 1959. A large cuneiform slab with the inscriptions of the king of Urartu was found by archaeologists in the site. The inscriptions show that the fortress was built as a house for Khaldi, the Lord, to the glory of the Biayni countries and t the horror of enemies.

Erebuni 2

At the site, you can see some places and objects which were used for different purposes including storerooms for wheat, gigantic pitchers for wine and oild, tonir (oven pits), and a place for animal sacrifices and for workshops to share knowledge on making tools for fighting as well as hunting.


In addition to the fortress at the bottom of the hill, can be found Erebuni museum founded in 1968, which exhibits the record and the history of the establishment of Yerevan. The building uniquely known that it represents the construction of an Urartian palace. There are approximately 11300 archeological objects related to pre Urartian, Urartian, Achaemenian, Hellenistic and early Armenian periods

Erebuni 3

The Marshrutka, mini-buses of No. 36, 86 and 76, go there from outside Marriott Hotel at the Republic Square, Yerevan.


38 Erebuni St Yerevan 0020