Mother Armenia

The Mother Armenia Memorial Complex opened in 1950 in the Victory (Haghtanak) park. On the pedestal stands the statue of Mother Armenia with a sword and a shield that looks like protecting Yerevan from potential attacks. It is one of the symbols in Yerevan you would hear of at least once while your stay in the city. The statue is huge and visible with distance. It is approximately 22 meters high and it becomes 51 meters high if the monument and statues are taken together.

Mother Armenia 2

Inside the pedestal, there is the Military Museum of Mother Armenia. Its exhibitions (approximately 30,000 exhibits consist of photos, documents and other materials) include those representing the participation of Armenians in World War II (The museum was originally devoted to it) and the Nagorno Karabakh War (Today, it is mainly devoted to this war). On the first floor, you can find the exhibition related to the Armenian participation in World War II while the second floor shows more about the Nagorno Karabakh War. A similar feature of Surp Hripsime at Echmiadzin can be noticed in the interior of the museum.

Military Museum Yerevan

Open Hours

Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 – 17:00

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 – 15:00

Monday: Closed



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2 Azatutian Str. Victory Park, Yerevan, Armenia