National Folk Art Museum of Yerevan

National Folk Art Museum of Yerevan is place that shows the unique culture and folk art of Armenia. The collection includes approximately 12,000 exhibits; for example, wood, metal and stone carving, articles of ceramics, carpets and paintings, which conveys the experiences of Armenians gained through centuries and reveals the influence from the East in its culture. It is noteworthy that the collection is still being enriched these days due to the donations from Armenian Diasporas in other countries as well as the works of craftsman today.

National Folk Art Museum of Yerevan 4

The museum is situated in a building of old Yerevan. A group of talented folk craftsmen took part in the reconstruction and design so that the museum possesses the essence of folk art in nature. This is one of the right places for you to find development of Armenian art that involves different stages and revival of the traditions.

National Folk Art Museum of Yerevan 2


64, Abovyan St, Yereva, Armenia


Open Hours

Tuesday – Sunday: 11:00 – 16:00



Free Entrance