Sergei Paradjanov Museum

Sergei Paradjanov Museum, which is an engaging, eccentric house-museum of an avant-garde film director and artists, was founded in 1988 when Parajanov retired to Yerevan, Armenia but actually was opened in 1991 one year after the death of Parajanov because of the Spitak earthquake in 1988.

The fine house style building consists of two floors showing sketches and designs for his films as well as sculptures, collages, installations, assemblages, dolls and hats. The number of exhibits counts around 1400.

It is worth visiting if you have enough time in Yerevan. It is the place for you to more understand the culture of Yerevan.

Sergei Paradjanov Museum 1


Dzoragiugh Ethnographic Center,
Blds 15&16
Yerevan, Republic of Armenia,


Working hours

Every day from 10:30 to 17:00