The memorial dedicated to and commemorating the victims of the Armenian Genocide between 1915 and 1922 is called Tsitsernakaberd located on the Street Tsitsernakaberd Hill. Underground in a grey stone bunker, lies the museum telling showing the memory of the genocide in order for people not to forget the agony. Many people not only from within Armenia but also outside Armenia gather there as to remember it and try not to make it happen again. It has been visited by a variety of people.

Armenia Genocide Memorial Yerevan 2

The underground museum built with library and archive sections with exhibition of paintings of half-dead, naked survivors and a photograph of an orphanage in Syria after the agony, which may have too strong impression to the people who see them for the first time. Yet, a splendid and magnificent view of Mt. Ararat is enjoyable from the outside and you may feel the air of Armenia.

A broad pathway leads to the central area of the monument, adjacent with a 100 meter long wall with inscriptions of the tragic communities in the genocide including regions, towns and villages of historic Western Armenia (which is now within Turkish territory). The eternal flame is under the guard of 12 high basalt slabs that altogether forms a circle surrounding the flame. The 12 slabs actually represent the lost provinces of the historic Western Armenia.

Armenia Genocide Memorial Yereavn 3

The monument was completely built in 1967. Probably, the easiest way to get there is by a taxi that costs approximately 600 AMD from the center of the city of Yerevan. If you do not mind riding on people scrummed Marshrutka (mini-bus), you can take No. 70 or 87 from Mesrop Mashtots Poghota. It takes you to the road near the memorial.



Street Tsitsernakaberd Hill



Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 11:00 – 16:00