Flowers, Flowers Everywhere !

Summer in Armenia….

It is time for warm and hot days and really nice evenings out and about. And a lot of flowers around us…

I was invited to a country house of a friend of mine, and how beautiful it was !! ^_^ So many FLOWERS….SO MANY… IT was a pleasure to look at them and simply have them around you. Flowers always give me so much energy. Flowers don’t have to necessarily be roses or some kind of big and colorful ones. Even the small ones make me fell happy. Just have a look at this cuties… Little white chamomiles…

2014-06-16 19.33.27

Or this wonderful purple flowers whose name I don’t even know. But aren’t they just adorable?

2014-06-15 19.32.35

And these nice roses are in the country house of my grandparents..

2014-06-08 11.06.18

How beautiful it is to be able to enjoy this beauty surrounding us everywhere !

Take care people!

From Garden with Love