Friday Night in Yerevan

This was another WONDERFUL WEEKEND in Yerevan. I spent wonderful Friday Night with my friends in one of my favorite  pubs in Yerevan (btw there are a lot of pubs for everyone and for every taste). This time we were in Woodrock pub and were celebrating the graduation of several friends of mine. Just imagine what a wonderful time we had listening to music, dancing and simply having FUN. The evening was full of funny stories about their college life about their future plans. Some of them were extremely happy graduating and passing their last exam, and others were a bit sorry for leaving this part of their life behind. Anyways, all of us were full of hope for the future and full of extreme fun and joy for the evening.


I don’t know about the guys, but we girls had so much fun.   😀


But looks like they too, had an amazing evening.

So, if you are in Yerevan, make sure to visit pubs and to see how we Armenians like to spend our weekend.