Good to see Armenians in Armenia !

The other day, while we were having our regular staff meeting at beautiful place called “In Vino”, we met very nice repatriated Armenian man, who was very kind to share with us some beautiful moments. His name is Rami, who’s trying to work and stay in Armenia, start a new life in motherland and make his input in Armenia’s development. It was quite a nice conversation about his plans in Armenia, his feelings and thoughts. Very happy to meet people like him, who try to overcome current social- economic challenges and encourage the others to do the same. To our question to what he is associated Armenia, he replied : “Artsakh”. Yeah, Artsakh is kind of small treasure for all of us, something that unites all of us. And there is no difference from what part of Armenia or world you are, but if you love Armenia /Artsakh/, this love creates strong bridges among you and a good foundation not only for a nice evening, but for a big friendship. Thanks to Rami we had a very armenian conversation, really enjoyed it and starting thinking a bit of our country.


It is always pleasure to meet repatriates in Armenia, love to talk to them, enjoy their true love towards our little Armenia…It is always warm feeling somewhere inside your heart when you meet them, it’s like meeting your cousin, whom you haven’t meet for some years. The impression is that the family is reunited… May be the fact of being separated into western and eastern Armenia, created this feeling inside us, but it’s really interesting to experience it especially in summer. In summer Armenia is full of armenian- tourists living abroad. They bring new breath into this small land, they bring their nostalgia, which makes you look to all around differently. It is always good to be a tourist in your own country, there is always something new to discover, something new to understand and share. And what is amazing in all this that every time you get surprised of armenian diversity, reaches and beauty. Most of all I love these armenian smiles, full of different emotions, history and hope. They are always shining brightly and always being missed whenever you are going out of the country.

Love Armenia, love armenians and enjoy it !


Here are some photos of that nice day 🙂 I adore our staff and it was really nice to met Rami 🙂

DSC02806 DSC02820 DSC02821 DSC02825