Hot Vardavar in Yerevan

Do you know what Vardavar is? Vardavar is an ancient festival associated with the goddess Astghik who was the goddess of water, love and fertility. It is celebrated on the last Sunday of every July. Every single year people are impatiently waiting for this Sunday. The festival has changed over decades and has become a day of watering each other. It Never gets old and outdated.
The day started with street cleaner trucks watering the streets of Yerevan. The trucks were decorated with colorful balloons. It was the start of Vardavar celebration. Then the staff of Ministry of Emergency Situations washed all the statues in Yerevan. Of course passers-by were helping them. The main water “fireworks” started in the Swan Lake. Lots of people gathered and pulled water to each other. Fire trucks joined the celebration which made the day of people. It is a day when you can drench everyone and nobody will take offense even if you don’t know him.
Lots of young people also played Vardavar near the fountains of Republic Square with their buckets.

Here is the video made by Yerevan Municipality. Enjoy 🙂