Image of Armenians shared by Japanese people

What do you think about how Armenians are imagined by Japanese in Japan? Have you ever thought about that? Do you think it is positive? Do you think it is negative? Or just indifferent?  This time, I will write about how Japanese people share image about and think about Armenians in general, which may be something you have thought about or may be something you have never thought about.

In Japan, there are approximately 30 Armenians including my wife. Some of them are students currently studying at a Japanese university, post graduate or professional school, some are wives of Japanese guys, some have married with Japanese women doing professional dancer or musician and the rest are working here using their expertise. I do not know the exact number but I can say the number is actually less than 30. Well, compared to the entire population of Japan, which counts about 126,000,000, only 30 plays a very tiny proportion here in Japan.

Mt Fuji

Mt. Fuji, the highest Japanese mountain. This looks similar to Mt. Ararat.


Not only because of the tiny number of Armenians in Japan but also because Armenia and Japan have not developed a strong diplomatic relationship, unfortunately, for the majority of Japanese, Armenia is something they cannot imagine or even do not have any clue to guess.
In many cases, if I talk to them about Armenia, their first question is “Where is Armenia?” Then, the second question is “how do they look?” Some people event said that “Oh yeah, I guess they are very similar to Croatian”. Other people sometimes say “I guess, they are like Central Asian people”. Right… so basically they do not know anything.


This is Mt. Ararat. Does it very similar to Mt. Fuji, doesn’t it?


But then, many Japanese people have one common image about Armenia… What do you think??? Can you guess???
The answer is…


“Armenian girls are Beautiful and Cute”!!!


Sirusho, an Armenian singer famous around the world. She is cute and beautiful.

Sirusho, an Armenian singer famous around the world. She is cute and beautiful.

I don’t know why somehow they heard Armenians girls are beautiful and cute. Well, it is true that there are many cute and beautiful Armenian girls in Armenia. Although even they cannot imagine where it is and how they look, they still share the belief that Armenian girls are cute and beautiful!

Ok, Armenia is a country of mystery but the belief about Armenians shared by Japanese is also a mystery….

So, by taking it into account, I can recommend female Armenians who are interested in finding a Japanese boyfriend, and who want to be a TV personality, actress or singer, to come to Japan. There would be a lot of opportunities for them to have an exciting life here then.

Please let me know if you are one of these people. I can give you my advice :p


P.S. It is also believed that Armenians are super good at business in Japan. A previous CEO of McDonald Japan once said that in Business, even 3 Japanese people cannot win 1 Chinese, even 3 Chinese cannot win 1 Indian, even 3 Indian cannot win 1 Jew but actually, even 3 Jews cannot win 1 Armenian.

Long live Armenia…