Introducing ArMania

The blog of ArMania will  start providing articles about daily life in Armenia as well as thoughts, opinions and everything else interesting to write from both inside and outside Armenia by sometimes Armenians, Japanese and other nationals who are helping this project to grown. As the first post, we will start with introduction about ArMania.  beautiful Armenia 1ArMania is a new international project that aims at promoting Armenia with a variety of useful information, which in the end will increase the opportunities for the people and develop the society in Armenia. We, as a corporate, aim at providing information useful and helpful for the people interested in Armenia so that it helps those who want to know more about Armenia; at the same time, it helps promote Armenia. In addition, we also look forward to starting social development projects as non-profit activity under our brand in order to directly tackle the social issues embedded in Armenia. In the combination of these 2 ways (business & non-profit activity), we believe that we will be able to increase opportunities for the people, communities, and society in Armenia as a result of firstly, spillover from our business activities and secondly, direct outcome of non-profit social development activity. Our team currently consists of young Armenians and Japanese. We are also looking for the people who are very motivated, energetic and believe that they can change the world!!! Please contact us if you think you are the one who want to join us and help develop Armenia through our business and social development activities!