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Yerevan Northern

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Check Armenia Guide if you want to find information of Armenia! It covers holistic information of the culture, history, business, investment, law and etc!

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Even if you are not in Armenia at the moment, you can have a virtual experience by clicking “Experience Armenia”. We hope that you will be more interested in Armenia!

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We regularly create our own videos and upload here to show the real Armenia in order to let you understand how Armenia is!

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Team work in ArMania

This is how we enjoy working as a team. It looks very fund, does’t it? Yes it is actually! You can also join our team if you are interested in. Please contact us if you are.

Scenery we came across

We often come across beautiful scenery when we go to some places outside Yerevan. We will update photos if we can take nice photos of beautiful places.

Recent events we visited

Do you think they are fun? YES! We frequently attend events. These are some photos from our participation in some events. Let us know if you also want to join them!

Armenia Video Selection

8 minute video highlighting the life of Armenians living in Yerevan. It shows real image of their life and somehow is fascinating.

Happy Yerevan will likely make you feel very happy also by watching it. It is very cheerful and you would feel the liveliness of Yerevan from the video.

This shows various sites highly recommended for visitors in Armenia. By watching this short movie, you can feel the rich culture & history of the nation.

Experience Armenia

Feel the real Armenia even from outside