Lost and Found

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It was an amazing weekend full of adventures in the countryside. There were 4 of us. We reached the wildest part of Vayots Dzor region. We had with us tents water potatoes and fishing rod. After opening up the tents I have tried to fish for the dinner because we had only bread and potatoes with us. After I realized that there is no worms or something like worms with us to fish. I took a piece of peach which was given to us  on the way to wild Vayots Dzor by an old grandma who was very kind to us. I know it was stupid of me to use peach for catching fish but there was no other option for me left. Of course I didn’t catch any fish for dinner. Finally I gave up fishing and went for dry wood to make a fire for potatoes. We were on the shore of Arpa river and on the next side there was a large valley. While gathering the wood I noticed a small garden full of trees and ‘bingo’.  There were chunks of wood. I immediately took all the chunks and hurried to our place. We made a huge fire. Even during the whole night the fire didn’t stop.  On the next day we woke up full of energy to continue our trip. We picked up our things and ‘oops’. Where is my fishing rod? For 2 hours we were looking for the fish-rod. I remember that I had left it near my tent. Then I started to think – “maybe the owner of the garden took a revenge?” 🙂