Meet and Greet

This wonderful event was organized by Repat Armenia on June 5th in Yerevan. The main point of this event was to let different people come together to “Meet and Greet” 🙂

The atmosphere was amazing, relaxing and very friendly. Though I had never met all these people before, from the very first moment I felt welcomed in their company. They were all friendly and open to any kind of talk. The event started out by introducing all the newcomers, and welcoming them. This was very interesting, as I had no idea that there were that many repat armenians who were back to Armenia, and who were so enthusiastic about finally having the chance to work and live in their motherland. There were people of all kinds of professions and interests, starting from pharmacists to IT managers and doctors.

RepatArmenia says that over 90 people representing 15 different countries attended June’s Meet and Greet; repatriates, Diasporans, expats and local Armenians got together to network and get to know each other over light refreshments.

Here are some pics from this nicest event.







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