Mountains and Mountains Again

Yesterday I had an unexpected and interesting trip to the South of Armenia. My boyfriend’s family invited me for a picnic. I packed up and we left immediately. The road turned out to me pretty long and intense, but the scenery surrounding us all the time was absolutely beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

Well, some people would find it boring, but not me. All the way down to the South we were going either through the mountains or over them. But what was interesting is that although there were all mountains, none of them were similar. And how could they even be similar? This is Armenia. Every stone, every mountain is unique, they never repeat, and I seriously doubt if one could find two stones or two mountains that would be similar. As a proof for that have a look at this absolutely beautiful pictures of mountains I took on our way.

DSC02483            DSC02489

When after 3 hours of drive we finally got to the place of our picnic, I was surprised. And I bet not only me. Everyone with us was amazed by the beauty of the nature around the place where we were at. The river Arpa was right next to us; its sound was so nice to listen to that I realized I would love to have a house right there, and spend the rest of my life  there.

Here, we were on the bank of the river Arpa.

DSC02559              10581772_848973101781286_786977688_o


So, we set there and spent wonderful time talking, laughing, eating and simply enjoying the wonders of nature we are lucky enough to see and feel.

Isn’t this just divine to have these beautiful places so close to  you… ^_^
Well, next time you are in Armenia, make sure you go and enjoy some of this wonderful nature 😉