My Favorite Theaters of Yerevan

It is generally thought nowadays that nobody goes to theaters anymore and theaters get outdated just like books. But I will disagree with this statement. At least in Armenia there are still people who can and do appreciate the art of theatre. I do consider myself one of those people. And you know why?  Because nothing can ever compare to a theater performance. Not the latest blockbusters, not even the best movies with sound and visual effects. Theater gives me an opportunity to feel and see the real emotions. In theater there is nothing between the actor and the audience, like Really nothing. Everything happens in that exact moment in that place and the actor can not hide anything and can play to the full. And you as an audience have the chance to experience all of his/her feelings at first hand.

Yerevan is full of high quality theaters. No matter what theater you visit you will get a high quality performance to enjoy. I remember when I was a kid my parents used to take me to theaters even if the performance would  not be understandable enough for a little kid. And basicly this is how I got my love for theaters. As long as I can remember myself I have been visiting different theaters in Yerevan and I can give a list of my favorite theaters.

In the first place for me is the Chamber Theater. This is a really small theater but for me it has the best atmosphere.


The next one for me is the Dramatic Theater after Hrachya Ghaplanyan. This is one of my favorites because they stage a lot of classic dramatic and psychological  performances.


The third favorite is Russian Dramatic Theater after K.S. Stanislavsky. This is one of my favorites because they always have interesting and funny performances.


So I truly believe that the day will come when all the theaters in the world would have their “rebirth” and they will have the fame they had once.