New Armpress Kiosks

Armenian press! It has really long story. It has been through many ages. And to some extent it has helped the Armenian people unite.

Until recently  all the small kiosks where you could buy newspapers, journals and crosswords, etc., looked really old fashioned and outdated. As for me they were the leftovers of USSR because they would always remind me of the Soviet Union. But recently Yerevan City Hall decided to replace the old looking ones with new and modern ones. And you know I really liked it. At first I was against the change because I was thinking that the old kiosks were giving a kind of unique atmosphere to the city. But then I started to like it. And do you know why? Because first of all they are designed really good and they are comfortable enough to provide their services and at the same time comfortable enough for the customers to use their services.

download      vs       Armenian-press-stand

Look at these pictures. Wouldn’t you agree with me that the new ones  look better and that they give their own  and unique touch to the city? I think if you come to Yerevan you would definitely like these kiosks because it is not only journals and newspapers you can find there but also cigarettes, soft drinks, snacks, sweets, etc. And they are pretty much everywhere in the city and it is not difficult at all to find them around. They usually work from 10am to 5pm except for Saturdays and Sundays.

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