Old Armenian New Year Navasard ! New era , new start and new beginnings !

If you are Fest-lover, then you’d be happy to attend our unique festivals this august !!!

Plenty of interesting activities, good food and nice atmosphere is guaranteed for sure. It’s amazing how Armenia transforms in summer, it becomes a place for real vacation and joy.

So here we go.

One of my favourite fest Navasard /The Old Armenian New Year/ will be celebrated on 10th of August at Tsaghkunk village, Gegharkounik. Tsaghkunk village is situated 1850 meters above sea level, where there is never lack of fresh air and lovely breeze. Tsaghkunk is spread in the foot of Pambak mountain which  is rich with natural water sources, so you could enjoy soft drinking water. There are almost 1500 types of flowers growing in this small land and a huge number  of therapeutic plants . Believe me, you’ll enjoy the nature and medieval churches and chapels of the village. But be aware that it’s  quite cold there, though a nice place to skip from this summer’s hotness .

220px-Saint_Sargis_Chapel 220px-Sakonts_cemetery_in_Tsaghkunk 220px-St-sargis-church 220px-Tsaghkunk-landscape

And what about Navsarad.

After the adoption of Christianity in Armenia ,it’s not celebrated officially, even  it is not found in church calendar, though people continue celebrating it .In past this celebration lasted several days, held at night around the fire at holy shrines. There are a lot of legends connected with Navasard starts or celebration, but the most important that it was expected to be the beginning of the new era of humanity.

And as in past, nowadays it’s accompanied with various games and carnivals, national /folk music and dance, theatrical performances and shows, traditional tastiest food and happy people.

Bellow you could see some photos from previous years celebration.It’s time to visit  Tsaghkunk village and share with us your photos and comments.


And let me remind you that this year another super cool event  Tonir fest will be celebrated as well in this day in the same place. So it’ll be kind a joint event. Usually Tonir fest is being organized in the first day of Navasard. 8 traditional tonirs will be burned that day 🙂



Enjoy traditional happy Armenia!