Open-Air JAZZ

Well, yesterday I planned on going  to cinema with my mom, I got home from work, and my mom and I left for the movie. Because of the traffic in the city we got there a lot later than we expected, so there was already no point in going in to see the movie ( no one wants to see the movie from the middle, right?). To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed coz we were late. But we quickly found a way out. It turned out that there was a live jazz concert right in front of the cinema. Can you imagine how wonderful it was to listen to live jazz music, plus the awesome weather, plus the little light wind. Oh boy, it was a pleasure to sit there and listen to these professionals who were making wonderful music.

Here they are, the band called Re-Minour (I saw it on the back of the t-shirts they were wearing).

2014-06-06 19.07.14

People were just sitting around the fountain and enjoying the bestest music.

2014-06-06 19.07.24 - Copy

Here is a piece of wonderful music they were making.

So, Yerevan is so full of surprises, especially in summer this kind of surprises are really often. There are other open-air concerts in Yerevan, too. So, come to Yerevan and have the chance of seeing them perform live.