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Visit Armenia, It’s FUN

Visit Armenia

A facebook page that aims at promoting Armenia by introducing a lot of beautiful pictures and tourist destinations in Armenia. “Visit Armenia, It’s FUN” is the largest facebook page which introduces Armenia to the rest of the world. It is a not-for-profit entity. ArMania shares the vision with “Visit Armenia, It’s FUN” to promote Armenia to the world and we as partners will collaborate with each other by sharing information and creating shared campaigns together mainly online. Please visit their facebook page from https://www.facebook.com/FunArmenia.





RepatArmeniaRepatArmenia has been promoting for “active repatriation to Armenia very proactively since its foundation in 2012. They aim at informing, initiating, actively championing “the return of high-impact (professional, entrepreneurial) individuals and families to Armenia to secure the future development of the Armenian nation”. RepatArmenia and ArMania especially share the vision to develop Armenia by promoting the nation to the people outside Armenia. The focus of each party is different but we have the commonly shared goal. Please visit their website from http://repatarmenia.org/eng/