Real Dragon Quest tour in Armenia (would be realized in 2015)!

For Armenians living in Armenia, have you ever thought that Armenia would be something unique and attractive for foreigners who have grown up in other countries?

For people living in the countries other than Armenia, have you ever thought that Armenia would be an interesting place to visit for you?

Well, I want to tell you that Armenia is likely very interesting for you especially if you like fantasy, RPG of computer game and the world of medieval time. 

And, tours that will take you around Armenia allowing you to enjoy the virtual world of fantasy, PRG and medieval time would come true in the next year, 2015!Tatev Monastery

What I mean by that is that I had a conversation with the managing director of a free paper magazine that has been publishing information which are especially targeting the young people who love to travel around the world, love to experience something unique/challenging and trendy but also very exciting. I visited the office actually for another business purpose yet I realized after 10 minutes that what she would be more interested in is actually the activities of what ArMania is doing and we would be probably collaborate somehow.

I explained about Armenia and what we have been doing so far and to describe Armenia as a country, I just said “well, it is kinda real version of Dragon Quest”. Then, she said “Woa! It’s so exicting!”. Then, I said, “yeah, right? Actually, Ive been having an idea of creating real Dragon Quest tours. I have some travel partners, connections to the government, other business players and even the embassy here. I can manage the project and create the tour package of real Dragon Quest”. She replied to me then “Ok, it’s so interesting and I am sure that the majority of our audience would be very excited and interested in going to Armenia on the tour! Let’s do it!”.


Yep, we verbally made an agreement yesterday and already created some action plans as well as time frame to realize the project. We are planning to realize the tour project in early summer in 2015. First of all, we will take a Japanese celebrity to Armenia guiding him/her to let him write his experiences which will be published for the young Japanese at the same time, we will also introduce and announce that we offer the Dragon Quest Tour if they want so that they can finally experience a world of Fantasy, RPG, and medieval time in the real world!.

Landscape 12dragon-quest-vii-playstation-ps1-004



We will still have some time ahead and things to make clear but I will keep working on that and realize this plan in 2015. Then, it would attract and get the young Japanese aware of Armenia!

By the way, the free magazine company is somehow related to “Arm( )ni”, one of the most famous fashion brand as you know :p. How coincident is it (ArMania x Arm( )ni)???