RepatArmenia has become our official partner! We are very excited to collaborate together!

ArMania is announcing that RepatArmenia has become our new official partner.


RepatArmenia has been assisting the people outside of Armenia, who is interested in moving to, working in and even staying in Armenia with broad information and assisting packages. They are sharing our vision to promote Armenia to the rest of the world in order to develop Armenia and increase the opportunities for people in the nation.

ArMania will closely work with RepatArmenia by sharing upcoming events, news and information especially that may be interesting for those who want to know more abou Armenia. We recommend you to visit their website if you cannot find the information you are looking for on our website.

Being collaborating with RepatArmenia, ArMania is confident that you will be able to find almost every information that you want to find from the websites of RepatArmenia and ArMania.

Please visit there website here.