Republic Square. 17-21st centuries

There are things that you can find out by accident. I think you all have experienced something like that. An interesting “accident” happened in Yerevan in 2003. A massive reconstruction started in the downtown of Yerevan. As soon as they started to remove the top layer of asphalt from Republic Square workers found out something very special and unexpected. Can you guess what it was? Well, imagine that there were hallways and footers underneath it. There were different kinds of water pipes made of stone tuff, tuff-designed tiles, etc. People working there immediately sent a notice to National Academy of Sciences. The professors carried out excavations. What the scientists found were proving that the old Yerevan was not only an old city that has survived to our days but it was also an important economic and trade center.   You can see in the pictures bellow how astonishing all of these is. The scientists believe that footings found underneath are buildings of 17th century.

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There were long debates going on what to do with it, how to deal with it. and finally after some days the hole  was closed with sand and rocks. They only took out several clay pots.

Now you can see another face of Republic Square. After closing up the hole they made a new mosaic of our Republic Square. Of course it looks better and fresh now but there were some people suggesting to do something else with the foundlings. Some offer to put a glass on behalf of oval mosaic for the tourists to see what is going on down there and for the scientists to be able to still work on it.  There is news going on that some people want to build a mall under the mosaic.

450px-Square_From_Above republic-square-yerevan-armenia+1152_13349213577-tpfil02aw-31691

Anyways whatever they decide to do with Republic Square We all know what an ancient history our city has.