SAKURADA – New Japanese Restaurant in Yerevan

I remember when I was a child there were not so many restaurants in Yerevan. To be more precise, there were, but they mainly served Armenian food, and were more meant to provide entertainment rather than culinary experience. However, in recent years the number of cafes and restaurants has grown, and now you can try Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian, French, Mexican and other cuisines.

Sakurada 1

As I am a big fan of Asian food, I never miss my chance to try delicious Japanese or Chinese food. Recently I went to a newly opened Japanese restaurant called Sakurada. It’s on the intersection of Nalbandyan and Tumanyan streets, not so far away from the Republic Square. When I entered the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Mr. Sakurada, the owner and chef of the restaurant, and his Armenian staff were all dressed in yukatas (casual summer kimonos), and the interior was decorated in Japanese style. Although there are quite many Japanese restaurants in Yerevan, I can say without hesitation that Sakurada is the most authentic one, as it has a Japanese chef who uses ingredients imported directly from Japan. The place serves mainly UDON, thick wheat flour noodles. By the way, those are homemade noodles, prepared by Mr. Sakurada himself. Here you can try Udon with tempura, curry sauce, chicken, etc., as well as Japanese style curry and rice, karaage (the most delicious deep-fried chicken ever!), rice balls, oyakodon (rice bowl dish with chicken and eggs, yummy), and some salads.

Sakurada 2 Sakurada 4

This time I tried Kaki-age bukkake udon, cold noodles with vegetable tempura, and …it was delicious! Noodles had very pleasing texture and taste, and tempura was made with local seasonal vegetables. My friends tried udon with karaage and zaru udon, and they were both happy with their choice.

So, if you want to try something new in Yerevan, I recommend you to visit this place. But attention, this place doesn’t serve sushi and sashimi! Here you can try what I mentioned above, delicious, authentic Japanese udon noodles.

Sakurada 3

Address: Nalbandyan 23