Story of a Family

Does your family have an interesting and old story that goes down from generation to generation? I am pretty sure there is one in almost every family in the world. And my family is not an exception. So, I remembered about this story a few days ago when I was looking through my grandma’s old family pictures. And I just felt like sharing it with you, because what else could tell about the country if not its family stories. So, my great grandpa from my mother’s side had three brothers, he was the oldest. His name was Sasun. Sasun was married to a girl, Anahit, from their village. She was young and beautiful, they had a two-year-old girl. Everything was just like in a normal family. They were living in their house with thebig family, Sasun’s parents, his brothers and their little girl. So everything was fine until that day. The day had started fine, just like the other usual days in the life of that big family. Sasun had left for the city to buy some staff and the rest of the family was in the house, his wife Anahit and his youngest brother Aram were around the tandoor (an oven in the ground, where people bake Armenian flat bread lavash), and suddenly while cleaning up his gun Armen shoot Anahit…. There was no way to save her. The whole family was in a grief and my great grandpa couldn’t believe his beloved wife was now gone. The years went by and he didn’t marry. One day he went to the market to by a new horse and as the seller of the horse was his old friend he invited Sasun for a dinner in his house. During the dinner, Sasun noticed that the girl in the house was a very nice one, she was humble and very beautiful. Sasun told his friend that his daughter was very beautiful and attractive, but his friend got sad immediately saying that it is not his daughter, but instead she is the wife of his son, who went away for the war and never came back. So, the girl was living with them. Sasun came back to the village with the new horse he bought and his new wife, named Karine, thought he never called her so, he called her like his departed wife, Anahit and the whole village called her like that, I think none of them even knew her real name.  They were living a happy life, except for she couldn’t get pregnant, but there was a girl, Seda,  from his first wife, so “new” Anahit loved this girl like her own child, and even years later after they had 3 more girls and a boy, she loved Seda more tenderly than her other children till the end of her days (this is what my grandma told me). 🙂 This is such an interesting story of a simple and ordinary family from Armenia, and I think it shows how people here used to and still respect and value their family, more than anything else. I don’t know, this story is a pretty sad one, but at the same time, it is a good one too, because if it were not for this new girl who married my great grandpa my grandma wouldn’t be born, and as a result I wouldn’t be either 🙂 Love your family and be always happy 😉 XoXo