Story of a foreigner in Armenia Vol. 2 – “first impression of Armenians?”

It has been very hot these days in Japan actually. You know, the summer here is not only hot but humid, which is actually killing me!!! So, as a continued story of my experience related to Armenia, I will write about the first encounter for me to Armenians in the world.


So, it was in 2009 when I met an Armenian for the first time in life. That was in Australia. As I wrote in my previous post, I was approaching some NGOs in Armenia in order to have kind of project placement there to help their project in order to get my university degree! (Please read the post “Story of a foreigner in Armenia Vol. 1” to find out the details.). Yep, I got an email from one of them on the following day. The person contacted me was actually the president of the NGO, which was helping out the children in need, for example, street children, orphans, or disable children who were at that time more or less ignored in the society and very weak in the social system. The NGO was providing education programs for these kids for free.

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Anyway, so, the Mr. President asked me first to meet an Armenian guy who was doing lecturer and office management at one of the famous universities in Australia. It was like “Oh, its great! I can meet an Armenian for the first time in my life and he is a professor! (Good to make connections :p)”. So, I said ok to the Mr. President and contacted the Mr. professor. I don’t remember exactly but I think it was around sometime in May in 2009.

After sending an email to him, I was kind of excited because I had never met Armenians. The reply was immediately sent back to me actually and again, I got a very good impression about “Armenian”. On the day of the meeting, I arrived in the university much earlier than the scheduled time because I had some friends studying there too. 1 hour before the meeting, I went to the library and was killing my time. Then finally, the moment came.


Yes, he sent me a sign that he was the person while approaching me. My first impression about him was “well, Armenians are a bit different from Australians (of course), and also from Europeans I know”. In terms of physics, maybe because of him actually, I felt more approachable to him, compared to Europeans I had known. In addition to that, I felt that the Armenian was very nice (actually, I found out later that he is one of the nicest guy s among Armenians and even probably among entire “human beings”!!!). He was very friendly, open-minded, spoke very nicely and communicable and intellectual as well.

Armenian Church Sydney

Well, this impression was going to take me to some traps later when I arrived in Armenia though… Anyway, my first meeting with my first Armenian was very good and I already decided at that moment that I would select Armenia as my destination for my project placement.

He also suggested me that he would take me to some Armenian communities in Australia in order for me to get familiar with and understand Armenians and its culture more.

Ok, let me stop for today here. I have to do some other stuff from now. Sorry! The following story will be up next week.

To be continued!