Street workout Armenia ! Strong and healthy lifestyle is guaranteed !


««Street Workout & Streetlifting Federation in Armenia» NGO promotes street workouts and healthy lifestyle. It was founded in Armenia in 2012 and has become popular reaching more then 500 members. The goal of the organization is by developing  physically and mentally, to create  strong and intelligent young generation, without drugs and alcohol. One of the objectives of SWA is to attract children, teens to sport and culture, promotion of modern directions of street workouts, development versatile personality, who would prefer a healthy lifestyle, loving his city and country. It provides free training every time and everywhere

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Recently they’ve organized quite special event: Mix Battle Fest !

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Which was the first unique international fest of healthy lifestyle ever organized in Armenia, which united such kind of directions as street workout, free-running, capoeira, gymnastics, arm wrestling, break dance. Among the guests were Artur Abraham, Denis Minin, Artavazd Nalbandyan and so on…

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On June 15 Street Workout & Street-lifting Federation in Armenia organized the Open Championship which winner will represent the country in the upcoming Street workout-‘s World Cup taking place in Moscow. Young people from 15 cities of Yerevan were gathered in Yerevan to participate in this event, jury selected 17-year-old Gagik Avakian to present Armenia in World Cup . We wish him a good luck and waiting for more such events and competitions.

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