Symbol of Yerevan – Drinking fountains

It’s not a secret that summers in Yerevan are very hot. Fresh and cold water is the best way to overcome thirst and hot weather. One thing in what Yerevan is rich is water. You can see drinking fountains everywhere in Yerevan, in public squares, streets and even in backyards of living blocks. These  fountains first appeared in Yerevan in 1930’s.


People in many modern European cities can’t even imagine, that it’s possible to drink water in the street whenever you’re thirsty. The most fascinating thing about this is that water is very fresh and cold. We don’t have to carry thermoses or buy water on the way. The tastiest water is free in Yerevan. 🙂 There are almost 1500 drinking fountains in Yerevan.

Drinking fountain

Drinking fountains play an interesting role in Armenian society.

Many years ago, when there were no cell phones, many young couples appointed meetings by some famous drinking fountains.

For example the most famous one is in Republic square.

Republic square drinking fountain













There is also another tradition. When someone dies in a young age, his/her family built a new fountain in his memory. That’s why in Yerevan you can often see drinking fountains with names of people. As water is the symbol of life, people who build this fountain believe that, when passers by drink water from it, this person gives life to people, though being dead.

Drinking fountain

There is no doubt  that drinking fountains aside from being useful, are also inseparable part of Yerevan’s culture.  Each of them has it’s own history and many people have their own stories connected with them.

So every person who visits Yerevan should definitely try the water of this fountains.