The Kecharis Monastery

Hi people!

Recently I visited Kecharis monastery in Tsakhkadzor. It was founded in 11-13 centuries and was one of major religious centers of Armenia. Today it attracts lots of history- and nature-lovers. I got there in the evening when the illumination of the monastery was turned on. I was shocked with the beauty of  it. From my last visit to Tsakhkadzor has passed 8 or 9 years, and during this period the town has developed and become cleaner, brighter and more attractive.


The monastery is surrounded with huge green area, where you can find small hotels, which are very pretty and comfortable.




I can surely say that the monasteries of Armenia are  among the most beautiful in the world. Over and over again they are being recognized as important cultural world heritage sites and appreciated throughout the civilized world.

Have a look at what the Armenian monasteries look like from inside. Isn’t it beautiful?

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Well, next I’m going to visit the Tatev monastery, because I haven’t been there since 2007. I’ll share my impressions with you when I’m back 😉