The Roots of Armenian Education.


Every 1st of September all armenian families are busy preparing their children for school or university. White shirts, flowers, smiles , beautiful new haircuts, faces full of new beginnings will follow you this day.

We really value education and are taught  to study as much as possible from early childhood. We used to bye and have many books at home, parents always make presents to their children when they get high marks, in school meetings teacher always thank the parents, whose children behave good at school and  have high academic records.

Even high education is so popular among us, that after the school majority continue it’s studies at universities. It has  become a traditional cycle of study process.

Education was very valued also in past. Though before Mashtots armenians had schools and were using different languages / also possible another language not known nowadays/, after he has invented armenian letters, a lot of new schools were opened where people could start learning their new armenian letters and get  an education. Education became accessible for everyone. And what’s amazing that all these new schools were constructed and created within the churches and monasteries. Armenian Apostolic Church or Armenian Spiritual leaders become the initiators and promoters of education.


The first armenian school was founded at the Amaras Monastery  / in the 5th century/ in Artsakh by Mesrop Mashtots : clergyman, a leader, who had created original armenian alphabet of 36 letters.  Amaras had started a new era for armenian education, a spiritual and cultural corner for every armenian.


After Amaras another schools had been opened in Armenia: Vagharshapat Seminary- on which  basis, in 1870 founded the modern Gevorgyan Seminary.

Later, in the seventh century another bright character of armenian scientific and spiritual mind  Anania Shirakatsi initiated  a primary school. Ananiya Shirakatsi was anarmenian mathemat       ician, astronomer and geographer who helped improve education style and made his great input for it’s development.

Just 2 centuries after the Shirakatsi’s reforms the academy of Tatev founded. SO while visiting this beautiful monastery, you should know that it was a center of education in those times, imagine how many great minded it has created and encouraged.


This continuous developments of education made strong basis for armenian modern education type, though it has influenced by many factors, as soviet education style, modern integration with other institutions and different teaching models.

So what we have now is  secondary education consisting of primary, secondary and senior schools , primary, secondary and higher vocational education; post-graduate education, and retraining of specialists.

I don’t know if this type of education is right or not, but it seems like chain reaction of learning process: kindergarten, school, university, and MA, then PHD…

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Many people have different opinion of this education, though I would say that my Bachelor gave me  a lot, if I compare it with the other professionals in the world, I’ll have to underline that I’ve got really a good education.

What is the situation with modern education and the level of education, you should say, I will just remind that in Armenia  according to the 1960 literacy rate was 100 per cent.