The “Secret” of Noravank Monastery

Hi there!

I want to tell you about one of my favourite monasteries of Armenia. It is Noravank, which was founded in 13th century. It is indeed a very nice place to visit. So, keep on reading and you will find one more reason for visiting it 🙂


So this monastery is lokated in Vayots Dzor province, in a narrow gorge and encircled by fantastic red rocks. That’s why it attracts a lot of tourists. Two days ago I visited Noravank again, but with a very nice guide, who told us a story, which was new to me. He told us, that in surrounding caves (there are lots of caves near Noravank) is hidden the gold of the monastery. In 13th century, during Mongol’s ride, the priests hid the properties of monastery from invaders.  This story got my attention and made this trip unique. I decided to learn more about the destiny of  hidden treasures, so I am planning to visit the monastery again and asking the locals about what they know about it: are the treasures found, or are they still hidden from people?

Have a look at these caves. It is here, according to the legend, that the treasures are hidden.



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Well, this is the story that I hope will make you eager to visit Noravank and see where the lost gold is. 😉

Good luck