The surprise rabbit

Yesterday evening I and my friends were walking in Downtown Yerevan. The weather was nice and we were walking and having a nice time. There were lot of people passing-by, a lot of strangers, some people we knew, some good old friends, etc. To put it short everything was like it always used to be, the regular way.

P_20140831_185511  P_20140831_185655 P_20140831_185519

And suddenly… what do you think I noticed? There was a rabbit, a real rabbit sitting on a young girl’s knees like a pat. To be honest that was really strange. First, that was the very first time ever I saw a real rabbit and second, I never thought rabbits could be pats.

And so I immediately went up to that girl and start asking questions about the rabbit; about how old it was, about its gender, etc. The girl was very nice and seems like she was not irritated by our curiosity. I learnt so much new stuff from her. I learnt that actually there are a lot of people that keep rabbits as their home pats, because she mentioned that she was coming back from a meeting with her other friends who have rabbits two. She told us how she take care of it, what the rabbit eats and what it does not eat, how often she takes it to the veterinarian. We wanted to pet it but the girl warned us to be careful because the rabbit bites. At first we started laughing, wandering how could a soft and fluffy rabbit bite but she showed us her wounds and we realized she was not joking. But still we managed to pet it and play with it without any serious accidents. Please now meet our new friend Albert (though I am not sure about the correctness of its name). This is why I love Yerevan. It is always have a little surprises for everyone.