“Titanic” survivor Neshan Krekorian

titanic survivor

Armenian “Titanic” survivor Neshan Krekorian (seated left) with his wife, Persape (seated right), daughter Angie (center), son George (left), and daughter Alice (right). We all know the tragic sinking story of the Titanic. This tragedy touched all sorts of people from different backgrounds. One of such passengers was an Armenian refugee by the name of Neshan Krekorian. Below is a touching story from Radio Free Europe giving us a glance into this man’s extraordinary life. From The Turks To The ‘Titanic:’ One Armenian’s Fateful Escape By Daisy Sindelar April 13, 2012 Neshan Krekorian was barely in his twenties when his father urged him to emigrate from western Armenia and start a new life far away across the Atlantic Ocean. Thousands of Armenians were doing the same, in a bid to escape rising violence and persecution at the hands of Ottoman-era Turks. So Krekorian fled, making his way across Europe and purchasing a third-class ticket for what would prove a fateful ocean journey. “His father told him to leave the country and seek a new life in Canada and hopefully bring his brothers over,” says Krekorian’s grandson, Van Solomonian. “He had two younger brothers who stayed behind. My grandfather gathered four other compatriots from Turkish Armenia in the area that he lived in, which was Keghi. And they got to France in Cherbourg, and by pure fate got on the ‘Titanic.’” Krekorian was one of over 700 third-class passengers on board the maiden voyage of the celebrated ocean liner. Immigrants from across the British Isles, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East paid the equivalent of $1,000 for a steerage-class ticket entitling them to modest sleeping quarters and meals in the third-class dining hall for the duration of what was meant to be a week-long voyage.