Vardavar International Youth Festival (Part 2)

So I’m back to finish up writing about the Vardavar International Youth festival and impressions of foreign guests. During the festival some of the guests were interviewed. We were mostly interested in their impressions on both, Armenia in general and the festival itself.

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So the first one was Daria from Belarus. This was her first visit to Armenia, so she first talked about her  impressions of Armenia.


–          I’m absolutely enjoying my visit to Armenia, because people here are unbelievably kind and hospitable. Armenia in general is wonderful country with its’ miraculous mountains. Unfortunately we don’t have such landscapes in Belarus.

–          And what do you think about Vardavar?

–          You know, it’s very hot in Armenia and playing water fight is the best way to overcome this weather. But I mostly like the fact that you can pour water on strangers and they won’t scream at you. This is of course a bit weird, but absolutely awesome.

–          Do you have any similar festivals in Belarus?

–          No! We definitely don’t have such celebrations. If you try to pour water on a stranger, they will scream at you loudly! But in general there are some interesting festivals, which are celebrated among youth, but they are not as massive and as loved as Vardavar in Armenia. So this is my first experience taking part in such an amazing festival!


At last we have found someone for whom this kind of festivals were not something new. Andrash who came from Hungary told us the following.


–          Vardavar is an amazing celebration. It’s awesome to play with water when weather is this hot. About my impressions on Armenia, I’d have to say, that I’m very impressed by Armenian mountains and ancient historical and cultural structures. Armenians in general are very active and positive and now I feel like I’ll never ever forget these days in my life.

–          Which one impressed you most, Garni temple or Geghard monastery?

–          Garni impressed me more, because when you look at the landscape from here it is magical. And temple reminds me of old Greek architecture. When you imagine that this building is built more than thousand years ago, you get a strange and interesting feeling of the present and the past. I actually really like being in Armenia


–          Do you celebrate something like this in Hungary?

–          We also have a celebration, during which we pour water on beautiful girls, so they will look fresh and will shine like a flower. It is actually Christian holiday with some folk traditions.


So guys these were words of some of the participans. I’m pretty sure they will return to their countries with lots of positive energy and also with the full package of knowlege of Armenain folk songs and dances, because as they played with a great enthusiasm water fight, with the same enthusiasm they were learning and exploring our ancient culture and traditions.