Vardavar International Youth Festival

Usually I spend my weekend writing an article for the blog, but this weekend I was volunteering at a very interesting festival called Vardavar. It is water festival and is celebrated once in a year in July.


Vardavar Intenational Youth Festival 2014, Garni Temple

The event took place in Garni temple and Geghard monastery, surrounded by extremely awesome and breathtaking view of landscape. I’ve been volunteering in different organizations and events for a very long time, but I’d have to say that this one is definitely the most exciting and interesting.


Representing ArMania at Vardavar Intenational Youth Festival 2014

The meaning of this tradition, of course, is not only pouring water in one another, but also has some religious background. According to Armenian Apostolic Church, when Noah left the arc and descended from the Mount Ararat, he told his sons to pour water in one another in the memory of the flood. So every year by pouring water on each other they would never forget why God had punished the humanity and that they would never repeat the same mistakes again.


Students of Teryan Cultural Center

All of these are represented in Armenian traditions of the celebration of Vardavar.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               4                  During our festival, many folk dancing and singing groups performed. There was even staged a play, in which Folk Ensemble Akunk introduced how Armenians used to celebrate Vardavar in ancient times.


But I’d have to admit that the performance of the foreigners was probably the most exiting thing, during the whole day. Yes! There were 120 young people from different corners of the world, who were participating in youth exchanges. According to them, when they heard about our festival they decided to spent the day in Garni temple. But our guests didn’t come only to enjoy the game, they also had prepared very interesting show. Every national group performed one of their folk songs and dances. And then all of them were singing Armenian songs and dancing Armenian folk dances together with us. And of course they couldn’t help playing water fight 🙂


One of the groups of Foreign guests

Ok, as long as the festival was full of many interesting and exciting things, I’ll try to continue to write about my impressions, impressions of foreign guests next week. This much for today.